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Ripple Effects Kids

Ripple Effects Kids is a research-based tool to help build resilience and address non-academic barriers to school success.  176 engaging, interactive, reading independent tutorials build key social-emotional abilities, such as: 

  • self-understanding

  • empathy

  • impulse control

  • management of feelings

  • assertiveness

  • decision making

  • connecting to community

The program also provides a way for students to access personal guidance and skill building in areas that they may be reluctant to speak about in person.  Research shows that bed wetting, beaten, and alcoholic parent are often accessed when students are given the opportunity to self explore the software.

Ripple Effects Kids can easily be used in a whole classroom settings for character education and personal safety training via projector or smartboard.  The program is rated for grades 2 - 5 for independent use, but we feel this teacher facilitated model would benefit students beginning from Kindergarten.

It can also be utilized in individual intervention/guidance on behavior problems (bullying, talking back), health (obesity, tobacco), and mental health issues (sad, shy, lonely, etc.),

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