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Ripple Effects Staff

Ripple Effects Staff is a digital professional learning program to provide professional development for educators.  It offers training on classroom leadership, management of diversity and diverse learners, and implementation best practices. The 136 tutorials are organized into three modules to be used in a variety of ways.  Staff may choose to follow ore-determined scope and sequences or personalized to fit immediate needs, either in PLC's or individually.

Module One: Keys to Strengthening Your Leadership - 48 tutorials

Focuses on social-emotional abilities that underpin the ability to bond with students from a variety of backgrounds, command respect of rebellious youth, maintain an orderly and engaging classroom, and to manage the feelings of frustration, anger, and disappointment that often lead to "burn out".

Module Two:  Managing Diverse Learners - 29 tutorials

 Addresses underlying issues that often affect teachers' expectations and perceptions of student performance. Topic areas include:  ethnicity, cultural heritage, class background, learning style differences, and learning/behavioral disorders. 

Module Three:  Making it Work - 57 tutorials

Offers program guidance in four distinct areas:  preparing the way (including creating a site specific plan), facilitating effectively, measuring results, scaling and sustaining.

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